Eyelash Glue

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  • high quality glue suitable for low humidity conditions
  • ideal for application of classic lashes and russian lashes.
  • ideal formula to select the perfect amount of glue
  • long lasting flexibility allows high retention
  • advanced glue extremely fast drying (2 sec)


SUITABLE FOR all lash technicians

How to get the best retention?

– Store glue between temperatures of 18-22°C(64.4 – 71.6°F)
– Store glue with humidity conditions between 30-70%.
– Store in air tight container
– Store in an upright position

Please remember that if your:

  • Temperature is lower than 18°C (64.4°F), Glue may be slower drying
  • Temperature is higher than 22°C (71.6°F) , Glue may be quicker drying
  • Humidity is lower than 30%, Glue may be slower drying
  • Humidity is higher than 70%, Glue may be quicker drying

To achieve optimum retention and drying time glue needs to be stored in ideal conditions. It is recommended to use a monitor to measure storage conditions. A humidifier or dehumidifier is recommended to achieve optimal humidity and heating or cooling system to achieve optimal temperature. Conditions outside of these boundaries is likely to cause poor attachment and therefore poor retention.

If stored incorrectly, or adhesive is past its shelf life retention can be affected and compromised.
Your retention may also be affected if your adhesive is not fresh or you store or use your glue incorrectly.
After opening it is recommended to replace your glue every 4 weeks. Glue can be stored unopened for 6 months. It is advised to keep a record of the date of opening of the glue bottle. It is recommended to wipe nozzle after every use to prevent excess product sticking.

Before performing a treatment please refer to this essentials check list to optimise results:

– Humidity of product is at correct temperature
– Ensure natural lashes are cleaned correctly and free from dust, oils and makeup
– Correct application of eyepatches
– Eyelashes are prepared with primer to neutalise PH levels
– Ensure products are within date
– Glue drops should be changed every 10-20 minutes
– For clients who regularly touch their lashes or sleep front facing, Superbonder is recommended as an ultimate step in treatment process to increase flexibility of glue to avoid ‘snapping’ off lashes.

During treatment:

– Lash attachment should be atleast 1mm to natural lash with no split or crossed base.
– Ensure correct size glue drop is used (too small glue will dry too fast)
– New glue drops should be applied in separate area and not come into contact with previously used glue

The use of Lash primer will assist in achieving faster attachment by removing natural oils and makeup residue aswell as restoring a PH balance to the lashes. This can result in a higher quality bond between natural lashes and lash extension.

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